In 1985, 1st PMF Bancorp was founded as a family run lender providing factoring, but as our clients’ businesses expanded globally, PMF Bancorp expanded its services to provide credit and financing support for our clients domestic as well as international business needs.

Now, PMF Bancorp serves as one of the leading U.S. private commercial lenders and has developed a unique expertise in supporting our clients growth in their short-term lending.  PMF not only specializes in providing domestic factoring for our clients, but also provides trade financing for our clients’ import/export needs with specialties in trade between the U.S. and China.

PMF Bancorp provides a Supply Chain Solution to increase our clients sales and to provide them with Sourcing Solutions . PMF provides its clients with credit reporting, monitoring, and even insurance coverage on its invoices.

Because of PMF’s international presence throughout Asia and our European based office in London, we are able to support our clients’ financial and credit needs for short term capital, trade financing and credit information globally.

After three decades, our bank is still family owned and stronger than ever. Where other banks say No, we say Yes!

Our experienced team of professionals is spread globally and shares one goal: Our clients’ success.

Executive Team 

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