Working with 1st PMF Bancorp provides a spectrum of advantages… from simplicity and ease in starting with PMF Bancorp to its global financial platform’s capabilities.

In today’s economy, many business find their financial needs becoming more complicated as the nature of our markets become more global.

Today’s entrepreneurs need financial services in lending as well as credit intelligence in order to understand credit risk, make decisions, and actively mitigate credit risks.

Advantage of Simplicity:

1. Unlock Cash within 24 Hrs

  • Simply fill out an application
  • Approve PMF proposal
  • Signs Agreements and funding is processed within 24 Hrs

2. PMF’s Services provides advantages in:

  • Increases working capital
  • Factoring and Trade Financing
  • Increases sales and the bottom line
  • Meet payroll, taxes & other costs
  • Mitigate Credit Risks with superior Credit Management

3. Utilize Our Financial Expertise w/o Cost

  • Enhance your company’s receivables and payable efficiency
  • Learn to use your suppliers discount
  • Have our experienced professionals verify the credit worthiness of your NEW customers at NO Cost
  • Utilize our guidance to build a strong balance sheet

Our Services

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