1st PMF Bancorp’s has continuously added value to its nationwide “Broker Network” since 1985 by instilling confidence through its professionalism, quick closing times and global financial services platform.

PMF Bancorp provides enhanced direct lending services domestically that go beyond a typical commercial lender.  PMF Bancorp not only specializes in factoring and short-term loans, but also trade finance, credit insurance, escrow trade accounts for not only domestic companies but also foreign companies as well.

Having a U.S. based lender that has local tools with global capabilities through its owns offices throughout China provide access for you and your clients direct access to the largest market in the world.

Broker Advantages:

  • Quick Funding
  • +25 years in business
  • More Domestic Lending Programs
  • Global Financial Platform for larger clients
  • Higher commission Programs
  • Monthly Reporting to Track Clients Activity
  • Seasoned staff that knows how to close

For more information on our Broker’s Program, please feel free to e-mail and/or contact us directly at 877-763-2286.

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