As a commercial lender, PMF Bancorp can also provide business loans (in addition to invoice factoring financing). PMF Bancorp can provide loans for small and LARGE businesses.
Companies with +$10 million in sales:  PMF’s Concierge Banking Program provides large loans for working capital, real-estate, and other growth needs.  For more on this program, please click here: PMF’s larger loans..
Companies with less than $10 million in sales:  PMF Bancorp has a variety of loan programs providing up to $500k for expansion capital.  There are instances where additional A/R is not available and capital is needed to purchase new inventory or mobilize a project.  PMF Bancorp can assist.

PMF loans are not Merchant Cash Advances so your business does not have to use credit cards to qualify which is a limiting issue for many companies.

PMF can provide small business loans for companies regardless if they have invoices or not. PMF can provide loans from $20,000 to $500,000.

PMF’s Business Loan Advantages:

  1. Not a Merchant Credit Card Loan
  2. Funding in Week*
  3. No Red Tape
  4. No Hidden Broker Fees
  5. Up to $500,000.
  6. Term to repay from 6-24 months
  7. Can be combined with Factoring Invoice Financing

For more info or to apply, please feel free to call or use our online quick app to start the process.

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