Sales & Marketing Articles

Articles for Starting e-Business:

  1. E-Commerce Software for 3 Products Reviewed
  2. Case Study: Choosing a Merchant Account Provider
  3. Add a Shopping Cart to Your Web Site
  4. An Overview of Electronic Commerce
  5. Determine Your Web Site Goals
  6. Developing Privacy and Security Policies
  7. Establishing a Merchant Account at Your Web Site
  8. Get an Internet Merchant Account Fast
  9. Businesses Adopt Online Payments to Improve Cash Flow and Save Time and Money
  10. International Credit Card Options
  11. Nine Common E-Commerce Mistakes
  12. Write A Great Business Plan
  13. How much cash does your company need ?

Articles for Improving Sales

  1. Get it done, relearn the sales process
  2. Easy as ABC
  3. Train yourself in the art of listening

Articles for Managing Employees (HR)

  1. Tailor your communication style to fit employees’ personalities
  2. Helping workers help the community pays off in many different ways
  3. Once you master the hiring process, you may never have to fire anyone again
  4. How to deal with ‘problem’ workers
  5. Learn to respect employees’ time, and you’ll increase productivity
  6. Serve employee ties the right way
  7. Fight burnout by treating these symptoms

Articles on Trade Finance

  1. Finance of International Trade

Articles on Financing Minority & Small Businesses

  1. The Great Money Hunt
  2. A Helping Hand
  3. Long Shot
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