LA CleanTech Incubator Event 2018: Stephen Perl, CFO PMF Bancorp speaks to businesses on Alternative Financing, Invoice Factoring, & more….

At LA CleanTech Incubator on Weds Feb 14th, 2018 from 10am to 12 noon,
Stephen Perl, CFO PMF Bancorp, expert on on working capital financing for small business, will speak on Alternative Financing for businesses, invoice factoring, and business loans financing.

Learn about ways to hack into the working capital your business needs. Learn about Invoice Factoring, PO financing, trade financing, Crowd Funding, Crypto currency ICOs, and more.  The event will integrate new technologies and financing that small to medium size businesses should understand.

For more info on the event, click here: LA CleanTech Incubator Alternative Financing Seminar


Finance Factoring News-Amazon’s New Program- Bad for your business?

Amazon’s New White Label Program has companies showing up for invoice factoring financing which is PMF Bancorp‘s specialty, but there appears to be a very concerning issue on fair business practices arising based on what we are observing.

You better hold on to your seats based on what I am about to describe about Amazon and their “New” White Label Program (which does not appear to be advertised or promoted based on my searches).  Based on clients that PMF Bancorp provides invoice factoring as service to help them with their working capital and cash flow needs, we are observing that Amazon is buying popular items in bulk in successful categories and using the “client’s name” to sell the goods even though its Amazon that controls the listing, price, and profit.  If you are a product seller in any of these popular categories and suddenly see one of your competitors selling all over the place, then this just might be happening to your product and category.   PMF has no idea how the listings in these cases are being managed, but if Amazon is the actual (beneficial) seller of the goods, then you have to imagine that they are placing their listings in best positions.  This poses some monopolistic questions and unfair business practices in a market that controls the majority of sales online which they completely control.