PMF Bancorp’s subsidiary has provided “Credit Research Reports” on Chinese companies since 2004. PMF Bancorp was the first privately owned foreign bank lender to setup an operating subsidiary.  Since then, PMF has developed our systems and abilities to a degree where we can provide credit research on almost any Chinese company.

PMF’s Chinese subsidiary has hired experienced Chinese bankers over the years that have developed credit systems based on U.S. standards.  Now, PMF can virtually pull credit information on any Chinese company in China via its electronic database resources developed over the year.

PMF’s premier credit research report  can be made on any Chinese or US company. PMF’s credit expertise to verify the companies in question.

PMF can be your in-house “Chief Credit Officer” without the financial burden.  PMF has access to credit files globally and in more than +100 counties.  Lets us work for you.

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