Our wholly owned foreign subsidiary, “Baolida Commercial Services Co., Ltd.” provides our U.S. and Chinese clients an important bridge to support their global service needs.

PMF/ Baolida’s staff and offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, QingDao, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong and London provide for a complete global platform to provide lending, credit reports and receivable insurance all under one umbrella with service reps worldwide to assist.

PMF Bancorp provides an International Credit Report Service for due diligence needs on companies almost anywhere in the world.

PMF Bancorp provides the Supplier Pass™ Company Report which provides a high high level review of companies in over 100 countries.  .

Our Chinese Offices provide:

  1. Credit Reporting and Verification Services (i.e. PMF Company profile report) .
  2. Credit Guarantee Services on Chinese Companies
  3. Factory and Product Inspection Services on Chinese manufacturers.
  4. Financial Service support with expertise in global banking
  5. Sales Channel Support through PMF’s China partner, the Canton Fair.
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