As the global economy continues to expand, American companies often come across the challenge of working with international providers and customers without the benefit of experience. Confronted with providing credit at both ends of the deal, there always is the chance they can be left in the lurch without an effective way to recover their funds. A perfect example is an American high-tech company that imported computer products from India and Singapore, exporting their inventory to international customers in Europe and Hong Kong. Without the protection of credit insurance and a reliable source of funding, how could this company turn their business model into a more productive and profitable reality?

The first problem is that international companies tend to take longer to pay than domestic companies, using the excuses of international wire transfers and the like. Without the funds of their account receivables in the bank, the high tech company could not go after additional business and expand to new territories. By working with PMF Bancorp, the high-tech company was able to factor their accounts receivable, quickly leading to the working capital needed. PMF Bancorp has given the company the freedom of receiving cash up front for their international orders by performing credit checks on their customers. Through effective accounts receivable financing, the high-tech company no longer has to wait 45 to 60 days to get paid.

Working with both international providers and clients, the credit insurance service of PMF Bancorp proved to be of the greatest value for the high-tech company. By having financial histories checked across the board and credit insurance provided by PMF Bancorp, the owners of the high-tech company found true peace of mind. With such reassurance, they had the confidence to go after more international accounts and expand their business. Through the help of PMF Bancorp, they developed customers in brand new territories, including Mexico. PMF Bancorp delivered the quality service that fostered the opportunity for the high-tech company to truly grow, expanding the productivity of their business. With PMF Bancorp’s help, they turned a viable international import-export business model into an even more profitable reality.

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