Export-Import Trade Finance- Benefits of US Invoice Factoring

Selling abroad means taking serious risks to the extent that the creditworthiness of a foreign debtor is often difficult to judge. It is therefore essential that you use a reliable partner for the collection of your receivables abroad.

For this you can use the export, import US factoring services at PMF Bancorp. As a member of the best export trade finance networks we are your premier choice in the US in offering services for the a/r management, insurance and a/r financing your international receivables.

We also offer solutions throughout Asia where we have our own branch network and seasoned staff.

Benefits of factoring import:

1. Financing the purchase and import operations: US Factoring allows import finance imports and purchases without using bank loans and mobilize bank financing without lines.
2. Factoring allows import to pay your suppliers without waiting for the expiry of the letter of credit.
3. Factoring Import allows you to combine on a single supplier financing transactions, logistics and distribution of your goods.
4. Factoring import permits to control more accurately the supply and outsource completely or partially the import operation.

US import factoring:

In import factoring contract several points are essential in order to match the factoring contract import and import your financing needs.

• The right of import control: The order must be firm and consistent, (technical and legal compliance) and irrevocable.
• The quality control of imports: It is necessary to make a very strict quality control at the time of shipment of the goods by the supplier during the transfer of ownership of the imported products. This quality control should be done by industry professionals like SGS or Bureau Veritas, but it can also be done by the importer himself.
• Portage the import of trade receivables: As part of the import trade receivable factoring contract (aka in US as a/r financing) may be extended by the factor i.e. be kept by the factoring company after the contractual due date of payment. You must also look at the duration of the carrier of up to 90 days after the deadline for some factoring companies.
• Calculating the rate after deadline: According to factoring companies, the rate shall be deducted. The rate can also be increased by the contractual maturity date of payment.
• Coverage areas country import: The import US factoring contract (or a/r financing) will fund your invoices on import and export your import and export countries. We must look at the list of countries included in the contract because if the countries of the EEC and OECD are eligible for export factoring, for other countries it will be a case by case following the evolution of the financial rating countries. The countries of origin of the goods are eligible for import factoring.

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