7 Services the Other Invoice Factoring Financing Companies will NOT provide

Factoring Invoices (or the converting of invoices to cash) for most small companies is initially hard because they think they are loosing control of their invoice, but its just the opposite.  PMF Bancorp’s factoring invoice financing solution allows the business to continue to manage its own invoicing and customer relationships.

Our Advantages:

  • 24 Hour Funding
  • Factoring Invoices Domestic & Foreign
  • Business loans available
  • Credit Insurance, and more….


Here is a list of 7 Key Additional Services that your typical factoring company will not offer…

1. Supply Chain Plus Financing Program that provides importers and exporters financing and a global network for Letters of Credit, Onsite Inspections, Production monitoring, Credit Evaluation, Logistics support, etc.

2. Credit Services Program that provides credit insurance, credit limit evaluation, on-going monitoring, and an analysis of your current client base;

3. Inspection & QC Services to support our importers and wholesalers with their foreign production;

4. Letter of Credit Desk Program provides direct negotiation by our seasoned staff in order to control risks & offer customized services;

5. Equipment Financing

6. Trade & PO Financing;

7. Vendor Guarantee Financing….

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