Keeping the Business Operations at Flowing with Business Receivable Factoring Financing

The prime fuel to the business operations is the money and such crucial operations do not wait for the right time

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when you are equipped with sufficient money. The flow of sales has to be maintained for the right growth and health of the business. The options to cling on when you are out of cash are taking loans from banks or merchant cash advance, MCA lines. Unfortunately, these ideas are not appealing to the entrepreneurs who need immediate cash without the heavy paperwork burdens and the high interest rates, especially with the cash advance companies.

Let us understand it with the example of a delivery messenger business and its requirement of immediate cash that is fulfilled by business receivable factoring financing. The many orders for messenger service require the business owner to pay a lot of labor to get the packages delivered.  If you multiply this service to multiple cities then you can see quickly how the business owner has to have a lot of working capital, especially when business clients only pay their invoices every 30 days.

Barriers in Cash Flow Smoothed by Receivable Factoring Financing

The entrepreneur of the delivery or messenger services need to pay their employees salaries every 1 to 2 weeks, and the immediate need of fuel to the vehicles that are used to make the deliveries. The owner cannot wait for a bank’s slow decision making and burdensome requirements to halt the messenger operations…the owner cannot tell the client to wait for the next day while he collects his invoices in order to pay for the fuel of the vehicles, etc.

The Quick Fixes:

  • Get the business receivable factoring from service providers like PMF Bancorp (long time factoring finance company with experience is key to smooth growth). The business can receive immediate cash by selling its accounts receivables.
  • Factoringcan stimulate and keep the flow of the regular business operations without halting it due to monetary insufficiency.
  • Avoidinghigh rate merchant cash advance and many payment penalties involved.
  • No additional charges, the bank always charges along with the interest of taking on the loans.
  • No monthly loan payments needed.

What have we understood?

Business Receivable Factoring financing is the method for the immediate monetary requirements. Unlike loans or merchant cash advances, it is the money of the entity that is pending to be received…leveraging what you already own with no new debt. On the basis of these receivables, a third party commercial lender like PMF Bancorp grants the immediate advance for your business and becomes the engine for new working capital to drive your business to new sales heights.

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