ChinaMart™ Los Angeles specialty marketing services are made possible through many direct relationships with nearly all major US-based retailers.
By Rueben Marley

In an effort to continue building upon a solid base of trade partners that have proven themselves time after time, members of ChinaMart™ will be making an upcoming trip to Asia. At this time, ChinaMart™ Los Angeles and recently-launched global trade platform will be promoting a new and unique premium service package that is by far the most complete solution for selling offline and online in the US Market.

As many clients know, Marketing Services are ChinaMart™’s specialty, through the company’s many direct relationships with all of the major retailers in the USA. These relationships are what sets ChinaMart apart from other services which may promise many benefits, but lack the relationships that are needed to create an environment of trust and effective communication between Chinese manufacturers and US-based companies and retail outlets.

Features of the Basic Marketing Package with 1 Showroom include:

  • Trade Show Promotions via the largest U.S. Shows in Las Vegas and Chicago
  • Online Promotion via the largest B-to-B Wholesaler portal in the U.S.
  • Custom Marketing Packages could include the following at additional Cost:
  • Private Meetings to review your products with Large Retailers
  • Specialized promotions to place your products on top of Google Listings and B2B Wholesale Buyer portals.
  • Placement with 100s of Sales Reps to represent your specific line and managed by our internal Senior Sales Directors.
  • Creation of a Customized Marketing Plan
  • Specific Market Analysis on your Product
  • Sales and distribution channel analysis
  • Lists of potential customers and their contact name and numbers
  • SWOT Analysis

The integration of these two entities is already being heralded as an unprecedented method for businesses to gain access to thousands of major US wholesalers, by using the platform on a daily basis, and making it a part of regular business model. There is an added layer of benefit for companies that utilize this resource, as a wealth of resources can also be reached throughout the enormous listings found on, which provides direct access to all of the industry’s major wholesalers via its key media partnership with the largest trade shows in the USA. The list includes some well-known featured trade partners such as ASD, The National Hardware Show, OFFPRICE, and Internet Retailer.

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