1st PMF Bancorp was founded in 1985 as a family run commercial lender named PM Factors that provided purely factoring as a direct lender; however, over the years, our clients’ needs have grown and become more sophisticated and we have expanded our services to meet these needs.

Today, 1st PMF Bancorp has state and federal charters as a commercial bank lender and provides a wide spectrum of commercial lending services from Factoring and ABL lines to Export and Import financing. Even though our services have expanded, our philosophy of direct client relationships still remains unchanged. Principals (and our experienced staff) are always available to assist all of our clients on a personal basis whereas many other institutions rely on loan committees and bureaucratic red tape to make decisions. 1st PMF is in a unique position while big enough to service companies with annual sales in excess of $50 million and small enough to make real-time decisions.

Our philosophy has always extended to our clients’ success and to this end, we have created programs throughout the years to meet our clients working capital needs without requiring the standard 3 years profitable tax returns, mandatory equity ratios, perfect personal credit history, etc. which typical banks have come to require.

TRADITIONAL BANK CREDIT LINE One of the unique programs 1st PMF Bancorp has developed in order for our clients to reach their financial goals is called “The Banker’s Program”. This is a graduate program that allows for our clients to build credit.
Factoring/ ABL
We believe that factoring/ABL (Asset Based Line) is apart of a business’s natural progression as it begins to mature. Our working capital products can allow your firm to take advantage of growth and maintain critical momentum while also increasing your company’s bottom line.
& Equity
Our model shows factoring as an important step after the initial venture capital has been injected into the new company. This is the progression of most fast growing companies.
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