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Working Capital Los Angeles
Need working capital? Call PMF Bancorp.

Are you tired of the banks running your company in circles and not giving you the working capital you need? (i.e. how to start an equity infusion, invoice factoring financing solutions, etc. are detailed below). Banks are so conservative and require a perfect borrower … but even then, they make crazy demands from good, high net worth clients.

Banks don’t talk about the alternative solutions to working capital and growing your business because they don’t offer those types of products. If you are a Los Angeles wholesaler or a business dealing with inventory or accounts receivables, life can get stressful because your suppliers want to be paid as soon as your goods are shipped, but your customers do not want to pay until they have sold your goods 30 to 90 days after they receive the product.

There are alternative ways to raise capital without debt.

Here are the ways a business can fund itself without going thru the red-tape at a bank…

Equity Infusion: One way of funding growth is through selling equity, but for many owners this can be complicated and potentially too dilutive. PMF Bancorp’s advisory services connects medium sized companies with +$10 million in sales and +$2 mill in EBITDA to family offices and/or gate keepers that are authorize to write checks.

Factoring Invoices Financing: If you are in need of fast liquidity without the heavy documentation required by banks then an A/R line provided by PMF Bancorp is a solid means to raising cash fast.

PO Financing/ Letters of Credit: PMF Bancorp can provide these tools to seasoned companies looking for more working capital for Suppliers. This is a great tool to bridge a wholesaler’s inventory financing needs to create more sales. Often, a supplier will not release your goods based on credit so having a knowledgeable commercial lender is a big benefit to cash flow and timeliness for your deliveries.

Inventory Financing: Los Angeles wholesalers are often preferred over Chinese supplier by large customers because they keep inventory in the US for quick replenishment and can absorb service issues. However, how does a small or mid-sized wholesaler finance their inventory. With PMF Bancorp’s inventory financing, your business could use its regularly sold inventory items as eligible collateral.

Equipment Financing: Los Angeles wholesalers are constantly picking up goods at the port. They often need vehicle financing or equipment financing. PMF Bancorp has programs to assist with these credit needs as well.

LA Wholesalers as well other businesses dealing with inventory, AR lines, Invoice factoring financing, trade, and Suppliers can benefit from these working capital services that traditional banks will not offer as they would prefer they are kept a secret so your business is forced to comply with their ridiculous requirements.

Stephen Perl, MS MBA
Chief Financials Officer
PMF Bancorp

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