Recognizing that different companies need different services, PMF Bancorp tailors our financing programs to the challenges of each client. When an American Pallet Manufacturer approached PMF Bancorp, the needs of the company were defined by their history and perspective. A successful family-run business for over 15 years, the company owners were unsure of whether Accounts Receivable Financing would work for them. Although they saw real opportunities to expand their business, they were hesitant to take the step from a small company to a mid-sized business.

Understanding their needs, PMF Bancorp provided a focused package that included a step-by-step process of financing their expansion with extra attention and consulting services. Although their credit line started small, reflecting their current invoices, PMF Bancorp was able to support their continuing growth. As their business expanded, the credit line evolved with them each step of the way. Ensuring that the family owners remained confident, PMF Bancorp delivered in-depth business consulting services as well.

PMF Bancorp provided the family-run Pallet Manufacturer with fast, efficient and professional services that addressed their needs. Employing a history of extensive market experience, PMF Bancorp’s account executives helped the company to structure deals based on the new demands of both vendors and customers. With our credit department in tow, the legitimacy and financial strength of each new client was ensured. As a result, the family-run pallet company was able to increase sales, taking the business from a small company to a mid-sized success story.

It is essential to realize that this growth essentially came from PMF’s working capital support to grow sales with new customers like Stater Brothers, Walmart, and others. Unlike a static bank credit line, PMF Bancorp’s financing reflected the evolution of their maturing business. By meeting the service-oriented needs of a family-run business, PMF Bancorp can install valuable resources into growing family run businesses.

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