With a proven track record with Chinese companies and the benefits of PMF’s partnership with ChinaMart ®, PMF Bancorp has been able to effectively finance fast growing Chinese companies‘ sales. A perfect example is the story of how a Chinese manufacturing company was able to capture an impressive percentage of the American LED market with PMF’s financial assistance (as a policy, PMF Bancorp respects the privacy our clients’ names and specific products).

When a Chinese Manufacturer developed positive traction in the LED lighting market in major American sporting goods stores, they found that they needed to find an effective way to finance new orders. In addition, they needed to do effective credit checks on new customers. In order to insure the safety of the sale, they had to know that their new customers were financially sound.

By connecting with PMF Bancorp’s main Chinese office in GuangZhou, they accessed the financial solutions of both purchase order financing and accounts receivable financing. As a full-service provider, PMF Bancorp’s international and domestic credit departments virtually took on the position as a senior manager at the Chinese company by conducting the necessary credit checks. An added benefit is that the Chinese manufacturer was able to access this first-rate service without taking on extra payroll and managerial expenses.

With the confidence of a consistent line of credit, the Chinese Manufacturer were able meet their expanded sale quotas by covering the cost of production. Now the company not only can handle any size order, they also are able to deliver their products faster and more consistently. By demonstrating reliability of both service and the quality of their products, they believe they will be able to capture the lion’s share of the American market. With PMF Bancorp on their team and with the help of the ChinaMart ®, the Chinese Manufacturer knows they have more than just easy access to working capital. Beyond this excellent benefit, the Chinese Manufacturer has a full-service credit team as well as a Chinese service team to support marketing to large retailers. Without question, they can finance, market and sell their products effectively in America, increasing their productivity and profitability.

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