With offices across the world, PMF Bancorp delivers support and financial services for international companies, particularly in China. Our wholly owned foreign subsidiary, “Baolida Commercial Financial Services Co., Ltd.” provides our U.S. and Chinese clients an important bridge to support their global needs. By providing an International Credit Report Service for due diligence needs on any company in China, PMF Bancorp has helped to transform the process of funding and financing globally with a specialized expertise in China.

Manufactures in China often have global operations that need working capital worldwide. With PMF’s head office in Guangzhou and sub-offices in Shenzhen, QingDao, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and London, PMF Bancorp provides a complete global platform. These services are under one umbrella; they range from invoice factoring, trade financing, and credit insurance & management services.

PMF Bancorp is a full service company that helps our international clients with a vast array of support options. Through our connection to ChinaMart®, we help link Chinese Manufacturers to American buyers and distributors. A perfect example of how PMF’s array of services can assist your company is the successful history of a Chinese Trash Can Manufacturer. As a note, PMF Bancorp respects and protects the privacy of our clients so all the names in our success stories are anonymous in terms of the content.

Together with ChinaMart® Los Angeles, PMF Bancorp provides a complete platform to assist Chinese manufacturers market effectively in the United States. By first connecting with our offices in China and realizing that our CEO Stephen Perl speaks Chinese, the executives at the Trash Can Manufacturer felt comfortable working with PMF Bancorp. In addition, since PMF Bancorp has a proven track record with a successful history with Chinese companies, the Trash can company’s executive team were prepared to move forward with their plans for an American expansion.

In China, PMF Bancorp helped with Letters of Credit and Purchase Order Financing with their current client list so the trash can company could have the resources to take the next step forward. In America, PMF Bancorp provided an experienced English-speaking sales rep team for the company. The result of this groundwork was nothing less than true success in selling to the largest USA Retailers.

Knowing that their letters of credit and future purchase order financing was set; the Trash Can Manufacturer was able to negotiate major deals. Through these deals, large orders were obtained with top-of-the-line distributors in America, including Walmart, Sam’s Club and other buyers like Heartland’s America. At each step of the process, the Chinese manufacturers knew that the excellent full-service program of PMF Bancorp covered their company for working capital needs while PMF’s partner, ChinaMart® grew the sales. As a one-stop shop, PMF Bancorp helps our international client companies with purchasing, marketing and financing, ensuring true success.

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