What is trade finance?

Trade Financing is defined as the financing provided by a bank intermediary to assist in the importing and/or exporting of goods which is often conducted by a standardized payment method like a Letter of Credit.

PMF Bancorp issues $$ millions of dollars of Letters of Credit world wide  to support the exporting and/or importing of goods; however, the traditional letter of credit method is slow and often difficult due to tight credit policies of banks.

As one of the leading financial institutions in the US for trade finance, PMF has developed a unique product called the PMF Trade PassSM which provides companies in the US, China, and other countries a unique platform to solves their trade finance needs like a Credit Card.  Think of the PMF Trade PassSM as a credit limit that we issue your company to buy goods abroad. Your Trade PassSM will also give you credibility as a qualified seller and it will enable your company to invite your vendors to become PMF clients as well so that you can all enjoy the 30-60 day terms without the cash-flow pressure.

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