PMF Bancorp’s unique financing program called, “Supply Chain Plus Financing” allows businesses with limited capital to expand their production in China and thereby increase their sales in the US.

Having the right right kinds of financing to grow a business can be difficult. Factoring and small loans are great but what happens when a large seasonal order / PO is placed by one of your best customers and your company already has most of its working capital deployed. Then What?

PMF Bancorp’s Supply Chain Plus Financing program provides financial support and key infrastructure help support your operations.

With our operations in China and Hong Kong, PMF can easily provide the trade financing to support new POs and growth. Our experienced international executive team has the real knowledge to provide financing support that other companies cannot. Our actual capabilities and infrastructure in Asia will easily support companies searching for a more reliable infrastructure with “Boots on the ground in China”.

Additionally, PMF’s Supply Chain Management Program can also be engaged to assist your staff in the US with its communications, logistics, factory audits, and more. We have many clients that do not have the executives that want to travel all the time so they depend on PMF’s team to help support their production and logistics. While your team sleeps, our team can be working for your company. PMF brings experience and resources to a small business that normally are reserved for only the larger businesses.

If saving time and selling more sounds good for your international trade efforts, then feel free to contact us.

Leave the financing to us and start growing your business with confidence and less distractions.

For more on these programs, please feel free to call or email us.

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