As a leading U.S. commercial bank lender, 1st PMF Bancorp is primarily focused on factoring and trade finance between the U.S. and China.   PMF Bancorp has been family run and a direct lender specializing in short-term working capital solutions for over 25 years.

“PMF understands that time is critical for small businesses.  It is important for a lender to have a personal touch and to be a trusted source that can be counted on.  Our family has run PMF for almost 3 decades and two generations and we are serious about our clients success,”  Stephen Perl, CFO.

Fundings can be setup in 48 hours and range from $100k to $2 million on average.

PMF’s Lending Services:

When traditional banks say, “No!”… PMF says, “Yes!”.  Call for your free quote within 24 hours or complete our brief online financing application.

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